If you own a yacht in Asia and decide to visit Hong Kong, then it is only natural that you wonder about where the best Hong Kong yachting marinas are located, so that you can peacefully berth your yacht when you are not out sailing.

Here we share some of the best yacht clubs for your convenience.

  1. Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Hong Kong

This magnificent marina is home to a boatyard as well as a dry stack facility, which has the potential to house up to 120 yachts.  The marina provides the convenient usage of a reliable forklift truck for the yacht owners to be able to carefully launch and retrieve speedboats from the premises of the marina each day of the week as needed. There is a 70-ton marine travel lift, which enables the marina to offer to clients a wide range of maintenance services, along with repair services. These are available to both members and the nonboating members.  Also, take into consideration the fact that the marina is known to have one of Hong  Kong’s biggest areas for storing temporarily boats that are not in usage. This area can store boats of up to 70 feet in length.

  1. Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club

This area is truly embalmed with the presence of beautiful waters on the western coastline of Hong Kong.  This marina is sophisticated in many ways and provides the inclusion of a yacht basin that gives access to 200 wet berths which are typhoon-proof. This gives real peace of mind to yachters.  In fact, these berths can accommodate vessels which measure up to 230 feet.  There is a great and convenient fuel station, a supply of fresh water, access to electricity, a holding tank pump, satellite TV, a telephone and even 24-hour security for maximum peace of mind that there is enough protection on site.  Also, the marina offers the convenient service of being able to hire yachts and cruisers.

These truly are two of the best marinas for yachts in Hong Kong.  It is good to be well informed of options of where you may be able to berth your yacht when sailing to Hong Kong.  This saves you a lot of hassle so you can more freely enjoy your sailing adventures.