Just like yoga, various Pilates moves can help you achieve your goals, be it for mental clarity, healthier body, or to lose weight. These five Pilates exercises can be highly effective in burning calories and in getting rid of stubborn fat in a month, provided you do them every day for at least 30 minutes:

Pilates Exercise Around Me

  • Leg Pull Extend your legs and sit tall on a mat with your feet pointed outward. Plant your palms firmly on the mat’s edges, pointing your fingers inward. Once you’re comfortable in your position, inhale deeply and slowly as you lift each of your legs up, and exhale as you put your leg down and switch to the other leg.
  • Kneeling Side Kicks This exercise requires you to kneel with your left leg on your mat, with your left hand firmly planted on the mat to support your body. Extend the other leg out, with your right hand behind the head. When everything’s in position, swiftly swing your extended leg back and front without moving your hips.
  • Jogging Knees Set yourself up in a running or jogging position, with your elbows glued to each of your sides. Lift each of your knees to hip height for about eight times, before moving on to kicking your bottom. In the same jogging position, move each of your heels backward to reach your bottom and gently kick it eight times in a set.
  • Crisscross With your palms behind your head, lie on your back and bend your knees as tightly as you can to your chest. Inhale deeply and slowly as you extend each of your legs out in a cycling motion, and exhale as you pull each of your legs into your chest again. Try to do at least six to eight sets of the exercise.
  • Swimming Position your forehead down and lie on your stomach, with your inner thighs pressed and planted firmly on the mat. Similar to a swimmer’s movement, stretch your arms forward (palms down) and slightly extend your legs out. Inhale deeply and slowly as you stretch and reach one side of your arm and leg, and exhale as you switch side.

Alternate sides as you do any of the exercises. You can either do a combination of these Pilates exercises to lose weight on the same day or try each of them on a different day. Not only will the recommended Pilates exercises above help you achieve leaner physique, but they’ll also tone your muscles and boost your energy level.