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If you’re considering whether to learn Pilates in HK or not, this is the time to stop thinking and start acting because Pilates is one of the best low-intensity activities out there. Aside from being an excellent form of exercise, it’s also a good stress reliever especially for people living in a high-stress environment such as Hong Kong. Not convinced yet?

Check out these five things that will happen to you when you do Pilates for a week.

  1. Stronger Core Muscles

Pilates offers some of the best ab exercises there is and what it does is that it strengthens your core muscles that are essential for balance. Doing Pilates for a week will not only make you feel stronger, but it also will prevent you from sustaining injuries during sports.

  1. More Energy

After a week of Pilates, you’ll start to realize that you’re less likely to get tired during midday and that’s because Pilates actually helps to keep our minds in check. Just like yoga, Pilates can keep our minds mindful on one thing – our bodies. When we start to give more concentration to our bodies, we feel better about ourselves which translates to more energy. A highly stressful environment such as Hong Kong can easily bring our spirits and energy levels down, especially after a hard day’s work, but Pilates can help tackle that.

  1. Less Stress

Pilates can put our bodies into a positively stressful situation. When that happens, endorphins – a feel good chemical – is released, making us feel happier. It’s a bonus if you can keep focused on the workout that you actually enjoy, making it a happier experience when you do Pilates.

  1. Ability to control your emotions better

Pilates is a combination of exercise and meditation, and within a week, you’ll notice that you’re in a better state of mind. Because breathing is a big part of Pilates, studies have shown that if you can control your breathing, you will eventually take control of your emotions better.

  1. More Confidence

An important benefit of Pilates that is advocated by many Pilates practitioners is the ability to improve posture. By improving posture, we’re able to keep our confidence and know that we are strutting the streets feeling extremely good about ourselves.


Within a week, you will definitely notice a little, if not, a good range of benefits from doing Pilates. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll get the benefits. Why not give it a try today?

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