In the bustling and busy city of Hong Kong, fitness is a craze going viral. Gyms and fitness studios are popping up all over the metro, and all types of people are working out.

Pilates is a workout growing in popularity. Promoting a well-balanced body, Pilates focuses on building a healthy mind and body through poses on a mat or a pilates machines – a reformer, that fixes body posture and controls breathing. While Pilates has many benefits sought after, it could be hard to find where to practice Pilates in HK. We’ve rounded up the top 5 gyms and studios to practice pilates the next time you’re looking in HK.






  1. Flex


Flex Studio is a one-stop studio to become leaner, healthier, and improve strength and flexibility, With classes comprising of pilates, yoga, and barre, Flex helps their members achieve their fitness goals in a holistic and all-natural way. Flex also has specialty classes that combine Pilates with other workouts like yoga to combine the best of both workouts to improve fitness.







  1. Iso Fit


Iso Fit offers a range of Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions personalized for each client. Utilizing moves and machines of pilates and the quick body movements of Gyrotonic, Iso Fit’s classes are for customers looking for fast-moving workouts to start the day with increased energy. Iso Fit offers a multitude of different classes like Body Kinetics and TRX as well.







  1. Options Studio


Teaching traditional Pilates workouts, Options Studio is a reputable institution with trainers, group sessions and all the needed equipment for a complete pilates workout. If you’re looking to perfect the Pilates practice and build a strong mind and body, head to Options Studio.







  1. Very Pilates


The goal of Very Pilates is to create a safe space and community for people to practice Pilates and share techniques and stories towards the improvement of their practice. With a minimalist space for individual workouts and group classes, Very Pilates also holds events promoting Pilates like workshops, book launches and mixers for members.







  1. FitnessFirst HK


FitnessFirst is a fully-functional gym with great Pilates class offerings. FitnessFirst holds friendly Pilates classes in the morning and evening where trainers ease you into the movements and poses to build form, muscles, and flexibility. For a total workout, combine Pilates with other workouts like BodyPump or weight training.



Pilates is a great workout to complement workouts in the gym and sports. Check out one of these gyms and Pilates studios scattered around Hong Kong and reap the benefits of Pilates today.